McKeesport Butcher Shop – Lampert’s Market

Lampert’s Market, located in the McKeesport neighborhood of Renzie Park, is a local butcher shop that has been providing the community with old-fashioned quality and service since the late 1930’s. The large selection of fine and specialized meats that we carry are second to none in the area. Our Fine Meats Are Always Prepared In Front Of The Customer, Never Behind Closed Doors. Lean meats are always cut to your specification as well as always being wrapped to order. To experience, the Lampert’s difference come visit us in McKeesport or give us a call at 412-664-7371.

Homemade Sausages, Jerky, & More!

We offer a diverse selection of homemade meats, crafted using traditional techniques and premium ingredients. Explore our range which includes flavorful Paprika Slab Bacon, rich Sweet Country Sausage, juicy Brats, and Fingerlength Breakfast Sausage. For spice lovers, our Hot Sausage and Hungarian Kolbasz are perfect picks. Also, try our Swedish Sausage and beloved Smoked Kielbassi. For snacks, our Beef Jerky and savory Beef Sticks are great options.


Premium Beef Cuts

Explore the exceptional beef selection at Lampert’s Market, where quality meets culinary artistry. Our offerings include the tender and luxurious Filet Mignon, rich NY Strip Steak, and the hearty Porterhouse, each promising a memorable dining experience. Savor the flavor-packed Ribeye, versatile Skirt Steak, and classic T-bone Steak. Our Delmonico Steak offers a taste of tradition, while the Tri-tip is perfect for roasting or grilling. For casual meals, try our 1/4 lb burger patties or lean ground beef. Our Beef Brisket and Short Ribs are ideal for slow-cooked dishes. Enhance your stews with our robust beef cubes, or enjoy the simplicity of a Chuck Roast. Our Top Round excels in roasts and sandwiches, and our Kabobs and Cube Steak are perfect for quick, flavorful meals. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or simmering, our beef selection is sure to elevate any recipe.


Popular Pork Cuts

Summer in Pittsburgh isn’t complete without a delicious pulled pork sandwich, perfectly paired with coleslaw and fries. The key to this beloved dish is our premium Boston Butt cut, ideal for slow-cooking to tender perfection. If pulled pork isn’t your preference, explore our other exquisite pork selections. Savor the flavors of our juicy center-cut pork chops, our stuffed pork chops, succulent country-style ribs, and savory pork roast. Don’t forget our versatile ground pork and delicate pork tenderloin for diverse culinary creations. And, of course, our homemade Paprika Bacon is a must-try for any pork enthusiast.

Popular Poultry Cuts

Discover the finest in poultry at Lampert’s Market, where quality and freshness meet. Our selection includes succulent chicken breasts, perfect for grilling or baking. For those who prefer a leaner option, our skinless boneless chicken breasts are versatile and ideal for a variety of dishes. Dive into the rich flavors of our chicken thighs, or enjoy the convenience of our chicken breast filet tenders, great for quick meals. And no menu is complete without our juicy chicken wings, ready to be seasoned and enjoyed in your favorite style. Whether you’re cooking a family dinner or preparing a special feast, our poultry selection has something to delight everyone.

Seasonal Specials

Celebrate the seasons with Lampert’s Market’s exclusive collection of seasonal specials. Our fresh turkey, perfect for holiday feasts or a family gathering, promises juiciness and flavor. Impress your guests with our majestic crown roast or a standing rib roast, both of which are sure to be the centerpiece of any celebratory meal. For a unique twist, explore the rich tastes of our leg of lamb, or indulge in the culinary delight of a turducken, a show-stopping blend of turkey, duck, and chicken. Don’t miss our spiral ham, expertly prepared to deliver a sweet and savory experience with every slice. At Lampert’s Market, our seasonal specials are carefully selected to enhance your holiday traditions and special occasions.

Freezer / Grill Deals